We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community.

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When we relocated to the area we immediately began a search for a preschool option for our younger daughter, Brooke, who was not yet elementary school age.  We were fortunate to learn about Maple Leaf and immediately scheduled a visit.  We were delighted to find a clean, calm environment filled with nurturing fun, solid education, and utmost care for the children participating.  We immediately enrolled Brooke to begin class the next fall.  The school has a well-rounded curriculum that engages our daughter with fun while focusing on learning that includes subjects like art and music.  Brooke has enjoyed a great variety in her days at Maple Leaf and asks every day if she gets to go to school!  She is looking forward to returning for her second year next year!  Our family has appreciated the smaller size class allowing us to get to know the other families and creating long lasting relationships for kids and parents alike!  We would highly recommend Maple Leaf Academy to anyone with preschool age kids looking for a top tier preschool in the Cedarburg, Grafton, Saukville area.  Barb Gould and her team are amazing – a hidden gem but completely worth seeking out!!

-Jennifer & John Carli

My daughter and son attended Maple Leaf Academy while my family lived in Grafton, WI.  I am not aware of another traditional preschool in the area that provides such a well-rounded program with highly educated teachers and small class sizes.  Maple Leaf provided both of my children excellent preparation socially and academically for Kindergarten.  I especially appreciate the stress on a combined-age classroom, one-on-one teaching, excellent music program, art, and plenty of time for play.  Mrs. Gould and Mrs. Chyko absolutely love working with their preschool students, and their passion for the importance of learning and exploration in early childhood is evident in their teaching and every student and parent interaction.  When our family moved out of state, I needed to find a school to finish out my son’s last few months of pre-K, and I was happy to have had the Maple Leaf experience to base my school decision upon.

-Melissa Stowers

Finding a preschool that is a good fit for your child can be a stressful event.  Especially when it's your first child.  I was lucky enough to find Maple Leaf Academy early on in my search.  From the beginning, I felt comfortable with the teachers and their methods, the environment and curriculum.  I was confident that my daughter would thrive there.  That said, all the confidence in the world doesn't prepare you for that first day where you drop them off for the first time.  There may have been a few tears, but they were handled perfectly and we haven't looked back.

As my daughter finishes her second year at Maple Leaf, I am so happy to say that she is ready for kindergarten.  She has improved social skills, can adapt to structure and changes within it, she is writing and so close to reading.  Her experience at Maple Leaf has been priceless.  I look forward to coming back with my son in 2016.

-The Houben Family

Barb Gould and her staff have helped our children grow into the well-rounded, eager students they are today.  Our daughter and son were both Barb's preschool students and both flourished when they entered kindergarten.  Both were early readers and teachers have commented on their good behavior and ability to follow the rules.  They also try to help others to become better students.  These qualities come from not only the instruction at Maple Leaf Academy but the nurturing environment it offers.   Class sizes have always been small, but we look at that as such a huge advantage as my children got the attention they deserved when needed the most, before becoming part of a much larger class in kindergarten.  You cannot replace a child's preschool experience, that is why we believe it is really important to give them the best start as it sets the stage for their educational journey.  

-Lisa and Chris Haasch

Barb Gould and her staff have taught both of our daughters, Alexa and Taylor.  Alexa was very shy and scared of school, but with the help of Barb she grew to love school tremendously and is now a thriving 1st grader.  Taylor has always loved school and continues to learn from Barb Gould, Karen Bulgerin and Joan Chyko in very unique and creative ways.  Barb and her staff create an exciting atmosphere of learning, art and music that has help build a foundation for our daughters' education.

-Amy and John Schwalenberg

My daughter, Allie, spent two very happy years with Barb Gould and her staff.  I can’t imagine a better place to begin her education.  They provided a loving and safe environment while developing her social skills and confidence as well as providing a wonderful education.  I was drawn to the small class size and the staff’s special gift in nurturing and caring for the children.  Thanks to her preschool experience she was well prepared for and thrives in kindergarten.                  

-Jen Krier

When I began looking for a preschool for my son, I wore two different hats; one as a teacher and one as a parent.  As a teacher, I was looking for a school that supported and encouraged my son’s social, emotional, and academic growth.  As a parent, I was looking for teachers who were kind, patient, and who demonstrated excitement towards learning.  After interviewing teachers and administrators in three different preschools, I confidently came to the conclusion that my son would attend Imagine Me Preschool (which was directed by Mrs. Gould at the time).  Witnessing my son’s growth over the past two years has been incredibly rewarding.  Some of the strengths of this preschool include an emphasis on literature, music, art projects, and thematic units.  One week the students are learning, reading, and doing art projects about arctic animals; the next week, they are studying great artists, such as Kadinski and creating art based upon his principles.  Because the class sizes are small, the teachers have really been able to devote their time and attention to each student and that has reflected in ongoing student development and the positive classroom climate that has been created.

I believe the best preschool teachers seize moments, sometimes referred to as “teachable moments” – those times that kids are playing wonderfully together or just the opposite – they are not playing so wonderfully together (!) and teachers stop to take the time to reinforce, encourage, or model how different situations can be handled.  I have observed Mrs. Gould and Mrs. Bulgerin in countless circumstances where they have “seized the moment” – it’s not something you will ever read in a lesson plan or newsletter, but it is what constitutes an exceptional teacher.  These are exceptional preschool teachers.  When I began looking for preschools, I took the responsibility of choosing one very seriously.  I wanted my son to have a positive experience and one that he would have fond memories of.  The smile on my son’s face as he runs (literally) into the classroom every day says it all.  Ryden has loved this school, loved his teachers, and has grown more than I could have imagined in the last two years.  I am incredibly grateful to Mrs. Gould, Mrs. Bulgerin, and Mrs. Chyko, who have all played such an important role in my son’s life.

- Mary Luedtke

“I like doing art projects, I like the books that you bring, and I like playing in the noodles at school.  I love my teachers – they are nice.”

-  Ryden, age 4

My son truly loved going to school at Maple Leaf.  He learned Spanish, had exposure to music and made beautiful art projects.  I believe the children thrived at Maple Leaf because the teachers were so dedicated to them.
- Val Aspenleiter

Maple Leaf Preschool