Maple Leaf Preschool

Joan Chyko, BS

Classroom Assistant

Joan Chyko, Classroom Assistant

    After graduating from UW-Madison with a degree in Journalism - Advertising Sequence, I began a career in advertising, developing media plans and negotiating media buys for clients.  Over the course of 11 years I worked for a few large advertising agencies in the cities of Milwaukee, San Diego and Pittsburgh.  The work was interesting and challenging, yet time-intensive.  When my husband's job brought us back to Milwaukee, I decided to devote all of my time to the family we were starting and I bowed out of the advertising business.
    I met Barb when each of our preschool and kindergarten aged boys were in the same classes.  We would get together frequently to do play dates with the boys and she and I quickly became good friends.  We'd talk about what a precious time the preschool age is and to make the most of it.  (I look at this now as a sign of things to come!) During my boys' elementary school years, I found that I really enjoyed helping out in their classrooms, and I would volunteer at their school whenever I could.
    Six years ago when Barb asked if I would be her assistant in her preschool classroom, I was thrilled.  I had worked in her classroom once before as a substitute, and I knew that I would enjoy being with the young kids again.  This age group is so sweet, bright-eyed and eager to learn new things.  It's great to see the wonder and delight on their faces when they've learned or accomplished something new.  I am truly grateful to be a part of the teaching team and the wonderful preschool program Barb has established.